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Elegant Living Room

Our Price Guarantee

We'll beat all quotes, and the large national retailers by at least 10%. Don't believe us? Use our price calculator below.

Use our price calculator

It's easy. Enter your measurements, choose your flooring, gasp at your savings.

Things to keep in mind: Carpet can only be ordered in 4m and 5m lengths; Vinyl can only be ordered in 2m, 3m, and 4m lengths; Laminate prices will be rounded up to the nearest box ordered; the Tapi and Carpet Right prices are calculated based on the average price difference across five representative samples of flooring; this is not an official quote, only a rough guide to total flooring costs.

We won't just match other quotes,

we'll beat them by 10%.

Don't believe us? Try our easy-to-use cost calculator to work out how much you'll save with Flooring Pro, or book a free consultation.

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