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  • Why are you cheaper than high street retailers?
    Larger high street retailers have a number of overheads that raise their prices. For example, they have a number of sites and a large workforce that increases their costs, which then gets placed on top of their customers. At Flooring Pro, we are entirely online and have no retail outlets. Instead, we come to your home with a large array of quality samples so you can decide on your flooring in the comfort of your own home. We also don't inflate fitting costs to take a cut from them. Instead, we charge only what the fitters themselves will take, which is around 20% cheaper than other major retailers.
  • How long will the entire process take?
    Our estimators will book you in for a consultation within 48 hours of your phone call or online booking. There they will show you the various types of flooring that suit your needs. Once you decide which carpet, laminate, and vinyl you want, a deposit will be taken and your flooring ordered. It normally takes 48 hours for your flooring to be delivered to our warehouse. It should then take another few days for us to arrange the fitting and send our fitters to your home. In total, you can expect to have your new floors within seven working days of your consultation, or any time that suits you after that. Our turnaround is, on average, 400% quicker than major competitors.
  • Do you also fit the flooring?
    Yes, we do! Fitting carpet, laminate or vinyl purchased from Flooring Pro is an additional service we can arrange if you need us to. We can also arrange to uplift and remove your old flooring at the same time for an additional fee. If you decide you just want to order carpet from us and use your own carpet fitter or lay the carpet yourself, that's absolutely fine.
  • Can you turn my leftover carpet into a matt?
    Yes, we offer a ‘whipping’ service, which is the technical name for the action of edging an offcut or carpet, so that it can be made into a rug or mat. If you bring your offcut to the attention of the fitter, they will be able to confirm the price for this service as well as how long it will take.
  • Do you sell runners for stairs and hallway?
    Yes, we do! We can place an order from any of our carpet ranges as long as a minimum quantity of 4 metres is placed. This can then be cut down and whipped into a runner for stairs or a hallway thus expanding your choice greatly.
  • Whats the best carpet for pets?
    The best option for a pet-friendly carpet is one with a short pile. Loop carpets are a great choice as any pet hair tends to sit on top of the carpet, making it much easier to vacuum. Go for a shorter loop carpet as taller loops can sometimes snag on your pets' claws. A carpet made from 100% polypropylene is stain resistant so any muddy paw prints or little accidents can be easily cleaned up.
  • Do you do carpets wider than 5m?
    No, 5m is the widest carpet we have available. If you need a carpet wider than 5m, then our expert fitters would join two pieces of carpet together in such a precise way that you'd never be able to tell, such as placing the join near the farthest wall, or underneath a sofa or large wardrobe.
  • What is the best underlay to use?
    There's a lot of choice when it comes to carpet underlay, and the experts at Flooring Pro can help you decide which underlay is best! Underlay provides support for your carpet and helps enhance its performance. Carpet underlay comes in a variety of different materials, including recycled PU foam and sponge rubber, as well as a range of thicknesses. Our carpet underlay ranges from 8mm - 12mm, so make sure you choose a thicker underlay for a room with high footfall.
  • What areas do you cover?
    We provide a free home visit quotations within the Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas. A further breakdown of towns we cover can be found below: Bedfordshire - Luton, Bedford, Dunstable, Houghton Regis, Leighton Buzzard and Flitwick. Hertfordshire - St Albans, Hemel Hempstead, Watford, Stevenage, Welwyn, Hitchin, Letchworth and Hatfield. Buckinghamshire - Milton Keynes and Aylesbury.
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